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The World’s Largest Concentration Of Harbor Porpoises?

Posted March 22, 2016

Deception Pass, WA March 22, 2016– Pods of shy Harbor Porpoises have been spying on tourists at Deception Pass. Brett Ginther, owner of Deception Pass Tours, has been greeted by groups of 5-10 at a time just off of Deception Island during hourly tours to the location.

Harbor Porpoises are referred to by the crew as little ‘puffing pigs’ because of the sneezing sounds they make as they surface for air.29

Ginther says, “It’s been my previous experience that Harbor Porpoises are very timid. At Deception Pass, however, they love saying, ‘Hello’. We are not sure what is encouraging them to come up to our boat, but we’re loving it!”

Deception Pass Tours understands the need to respect the park and the environment. Their vessel, the Island Whaler, has been designed to reduce fuel consumption and the jet drives significantly reduce noise.

Deception Pass Tours encourages other boaters near Deception Island to use precaution if they spot Harbor Porpoises in the water, and to shut down engines whenever possible to allow them to pass.

Cameron Goff, Lead Naturalist for Deception Pass Tours muses, “Our very non-scientific study has shown that Harbor Porpoises’ favorite weekend activity is tourist watching.”

Tourists to the area can be “watched” by the porpoises aboard the Island Whaler, for just $32.95 for children and seniors and $38.95 for adults, DURING nearly all of their hourly tours of the area.