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Deception Pass is one of the most visited attractions in Washington

Learn about Deception Pass, the Bridge, Deception Pass State Park, and surrounding area on this amazing tour aboard the “Island Whaler” whale watching tour boat. Enjoy the thrill of the fast jet boat tour through Deception Pass with a knowledgeable interpreter.  Located in Deception Pass State Park, the tours include wildlife and historical views.

Captain Brett is a U.S. Coast Guard certified captain and would like to share this exciting and picturesque setting of Deception Pass with you, while exploring the shores and waters of the surrounding area near Deception Pass. Take a unique ride on a seated open deck jet boat and enjoy a 360° unobstructed view as we pass through the waters of Deception Pass on a one hour tour. Also, look for wildlife such as bald eagles, seals, orcas, porpoises and maybe an occasional whale. We may not have Nessee or Champ, but we have the world’s largest Pacific Octopus. Learn the tales of characters who navigated these waters and the splendor of this National HistoDeception Pass State Park Jet Boat Toursric Landmark. 

Before this landmark was built, travelers had to cross on an unscheduled ferry. To summon the ferry, passengers would simply hit a mallet against a metal lumberjack saw which sounded the “BOING” to the operator. This indicated they were ready to cross, and the first woman ferry boat captain in Washington would pick them up.

Today, riding through the pass is much easier, tickets can be purchased for Deception Pass Tours at the ticket booth in the parking lot at the south end of the bridge, or at the retail and ice cream store located on the Anacortes side of Deception Pass Bridge. Deception Pass Tours also offers whale watching tours departing from Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island.

Learn more about the ferry and the first female ferry captain on your tour!