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2015 Whale Migration

Join us Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in March and April for the 2015 Miracle Migration.  Our friends Patches & Dubknuck will return to Whidbey and Camano Islands to dine on our local shrimp.   In fact, they’ll be inviting a few other friends too.

Patches had an altercation last spring with a pod of Transient Orcas, and we are anxious for him to return and show us his battle scars.  The incident occurred in Saratoga Passage in front of a group of whale watchers.   The Transient Orcas chased Patches for several hours, and were nipping at and trying to drown him.  Luckily, Patches escaped.  He was exhausted and scarred, but safe.  This summer, we waved goodbye to Patches on his way to the Bering Sea, and he promised to return in March for another meal.

The Miracle Migration takes place each year.  These Gray Whales will travel over 10,000 miles from the Baja Peninsula to the Bering Sea.  Most of their journey is up to 20 miles offshore, but for a few brief months, these gray whales come through Whidbey and Camano Islands to rebuild their fat stores and gain energy for the last leg of their journey.

Uniquely positioned in the inland waters of Puget Sound, where Gray Whales have been migrating for millenia.  Deception Pass Tours offers an exciting tour of our own “Inside Passage”.    Saratoga Passage is the best place in the Puget Sound to view the majestic Gray Whales.  Deception Pass Tours  has the crew and the right equipment to get you with these whales quickly, and safely.  In fact, our vessel the ‘Island Whaler’ is a high-speed, catamaran style jet boat that will travel at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.  This means, you get on scene with the whales faster, and you get to visit with them longer.

Passengers aboard the Island Whaler will “gear up” in Oak Harbor prior to the tour.  Cruiser Suits rated for extreme negative tempertures will keep passengers toasty warm for the duration of the tour.  And, a special cover will be installed for any rainy day weather.  Otherwise, the Island Whaler offers a 360 degree view of the Olympics and Cascades, and its low profile to the water guarantees you’ll be close enough to smell Dubknuck’s breath.   Though, you might blame the smell on grandmas involuntary flatulence.


Fridays:          8:30am     12:30pm     3:30pm

Saturdays:     8:30am     12:30pm     3:30pm

Sundays:        8:30am     12:30pm     3:30pm



Adults$69 ea.
Seniors (62+)$59 ea.
Children (12 and under)$59 ea.
Groups of 20 or more$49 ea.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Deception Pass Tours?
Deception Pass Tours has professional staff that are experts in their field.  Not only will you get to the whales faster because our high speed catamaran can travel at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour when other boats are pushing 15 miles per hour, but you’ll get to have more time viewing the whales- which is the whole point!   This Miracle Migration only happens once per year, and you’ll want to be on a vessel that will get you there in a fun and enlightening way.

Will I get cold?
The Island Whaler is equipped with high tech cruiser suits to keep you warm.  We also recommend that you dress in layers and wearing gloves or mittens.  The Island Whaler has been uniquely designed to deflect the majority of cruising wind off of passengers.  We also have a heated compartment on the boat for extra warmth.

What if it rains?
The Island Whaler is equipped with a special “roof” for rainy days.  So, this means, we will run tours in nearly all weather conditions.  However, we may take an alternate route during high wind warnings.

Do People Get Seasick?
Over 100,000 people have taken our tour without a single seasick encounter!  This is because our catamaran style prevents the side to side rocking motion of larger single hull vessels.  However, you may be the 1 person in 100,000- and we recommend that anyone concerned about seasickness take a non-drowsy Dramamine the night before and the morning of the tour.

Am I Guaranteed To See Whales?
Deception Pass Tours offers Whale Insurance for $10 (before departure) on the day of your tour.  If we don’t see whales, you’ll get to ride for free for life until you do!

Why should I drive up from Seattle?
We are located directly in the middle of the Miracle Migration!  These Gray Whales return each spring to Whidbey & Camano Islands to feed on their way back to the Bering Sea.  This means you’ll spend less time couped up in the boat getting here- and more time on scene with the Whales!